From Ashes To Inheriting A Throne Of Honour

by Portia Monaledi

About The Book

This is my journey and my experiences in mourning and grieving the loss of my husband; something which caught me completely by surprise. I was widowed, with four children. It was an event that changed my life in a matter of seconds. Life, as I knew it, was over. I had to find a way to pick up the pieces of my devastated heart, broken dreams and a shattered life, and then re-build a new life for me and my children; a life that no longer included my beloved husband. I had to find a new meaning in life and a new way to relate to myself and the world around me. I address common issues when dealing with loss: how to mourn as a family; dealing with an identity crisis, as you transition from being married to widowed, and then becoming single again, being a single parent and more.

About The Author

Author: Portia Monaledi

Portia Monaledi is a qualified counsellor. She holds an Honours Degree in Psychological Counselling, and has experience as a volunteer counsellor. She is a mother of four children, a first-time writer and is very passionate about addressing the psychological and emotional wounds that people have to deal with, especially through the loss of a loved one. She offers counselling in the most practical way, as she, herself, went through loss and survived the pain of losing her husband. She has learned to rebuild her life and live again.