Images Not Displaying

Images are an innovative component of Digital Books, so using them is important for most authors. If your book chapter contains images that are not displayed in your final book, here are a couple of recommendations to look at:

  • Make sure you have properly uploaded images: When uploading images, make sure that the image thumbnail displays so as to ensure a successful upload.
  • Make sure that all images that link to external websites/planforms (iCloud, Google Drive, another website) are publicly accessible: If you are creating your Digital Book from your local environment, or you enable a firewall that limits connectivity, then images will not be shown. Make sure your images are available in a public URL (i.e. Uploaded onto the My Digital Book Publisher website) and then they will be accessible.

Aside from these general recommendations, there are a couple of behaviours detected in specific image formats.

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Images Not Displayed In My ePub Book

Some Digital Book Readers don’t display remote images. For instance, the Mac Books app do not load remote images but Calibre does. Try including or embedding images inside the book. In the Digital Book Publisher platform, check the Content Images section inside the Design tab.

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Images Not Displayed Word

We use a third-party to create the Word document. We have detected that images placed inside a link will not be displayed in the final document. Currently there is no alternative, so the only solution to display the image in this case is removing the parent link.

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Some Word Chapters Are Blank

The empty posts are related with HTML validation errors. Try ticking the “Validate content before download” tickbox in the publishing settings and it will output all the HTML errors in your content. Once they are all fixed, publish your Word document again.

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I Get The Error Message “Invalid Parameters Passed.”

One of the posts you are trying to convert to a Word document has an a (link) tag without a proper href (link) set up (note that <a href="#"> also triggers the error). So you have to find in your selected posts which is the responsible one. Editing your link to something like <a href="#section"> should fix the error.

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Why The Mobi Format Was Removed

We are aware that Amazon is no longer supporting Mobi files as of August 2022 so we’ve decided to made all the necessary changes to remove the Mobi file option.

You can read more details in Amazon’s announcement.