Most writers have stories that are worth gold. The problem is getting these stories online. If you have a good story and want to sell it, there is a high probability that you are surprised by the number of tools you must handle when converting your content into an electronic book.

Fortunately, there are publishing platforms such as Kindle Direct Publishing and others. So publishing a Digital Book / eBook or Audio Book can be a bit easier.

However, to self-publish your book on the platforms mentioned above, you need to have it in a formatted ebook file to upload to the publishing platforms.

This means that your completed and edited manuscript must be in one of the formats that will be presented below (depending on the platform which you want to self-publish).

Here is where My Digital Book Publisher comes in, allowing you to sell your book online, making your Digital Book / eBook compatible with any of these platforms.

With My Digital Publisher, you can download your Digital Book / eBook in a matter of seconds and in multiple formats.

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