Leadership Perspectives

by Lihle Vernon Mqayi

About The Book

Leading with credibility remains our responsibility in every positional role entrusted to us by those who believe we can create a better future for all. This book has been written for the sake of those who aspire to lead. Through this leadership resource, you will discover inspirational perspective that will shape your leadership ability.

About The Author

Author: Lihle Vernon Mqayi

Lihle Vernon Mqayi is a dynamic visionary leadership coach and mentor certified through I CAN Leadership Institute Africa. He is also a certified public speaker and life coach. He holds the bachelor degree in Leadership and Management through Logos University (USA), and B.Sc. Honours in Environmental and Water Science through the University of the Western Cape (RSA). He is the founder and chairperson of Potential Leaders Network, and the co-founder of Colours of Love.