Sell a Digital / Electronic Book
[with 40 000+ Retailers]


Sell a Digital / Electronic Book
with 40 000+ MAJOR Retailers Worldwide


Package Includes:

  • Sell your book with 40 000 MAJOR Retailers Worldwide (Including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Google, Kobo and more!).

  • Sell your book on Lulu, EaziBuys, iLook Bookstore, African Authors International and Authors International worldwide!

  • Set your own price or set your own profit.

  • International ISBN Number.

  • Digital books compatible for all Android and Macintosh devices!

  • Royalties charged, per book sold, by retailers.

  • Payments are made into your account when your books are sold.


Package price is Per Book Title (once off).


To apply, simply start by filling in the below form…

Note: If you are applying for more than one book, please submit a new form for each additional book.

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    If your book has not been professionally published for digital / electronic book publishing purposes, please click here for prices.

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    Sales & Profits

    *Approximately how much profit would you like to make "per book sold" and/or approximately how much would you like to sell your book for?

    These prices are just to give us a starting idea for pricing your book with the global retailers. We will discuss the final prices/profit with you before your book is officially listed for sale globally.