Sell a Physical Book
[with Compact Distribution]


Sell a Physical Book
with Compact Distribution Worldwide


Package Includes:

  • Sell your book on Lulu, EaziBuys, iLook Bookstore, African Authors International and Authors International worldwide!

  • Set your own price or set your own profit.

  • International ISBN Number & Barcode.

  • Save on printing costs! Your book is printed ONLY when a customer makes a purchase.

  • Shipping to your customers is covered!

  • Royalties charged, per book sold, by retailers.

  • Payments are made into your account when your books are sold.


Package price is Per Book TitlePer Book Print Type (once off).


To apply, simply start by filling in the below form…

Note: If you are applying for more than one book, please submit a new form for each additional book.

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Note: If your book has not been professionally published for printing purposes, please click here for publishing prices.

File Uploads

Please upload the book cover and contents that you wish to print as a book (if you have them).

We acknowledge full disclosure of your documents and will not share them with any third parties, nor will we use or print them without your permission.

Sales & Profits

These prices are just to give us a starting idea for pricing your book with the global retailers. We will discuss the final prices/profit with you before your book is officially listed for sale globally.


If you have received a promotional coupon, please fill it in below to secure it for your package. Coupons are only valid until their specified expiry date but can be used multiple times, until the expiry date.