The Language of Grace

by Daleen Booysen

As a child of God, living from the Grace of God (God’s supernatural favour and ability) I have received a new language, a new way of communicating and I call that my Language of Grace. Just like Jesus, we have the ability to change the atmosphere, the realities of life and our circumstances with our words, our writings and our gestures.

Jesus died and rose again so that you and I can live the abundant life that He promised us. We will access that abundant life through speaking, writing and acting out our Language of Grace.

About The Author

Author: Daleen Booysen

Daleen Booysen is a dedicated teacher of the Word of God. Daleen has a deep and abiding love for God and His Word. Her daily podcasts and many teachings are focused on equipping believers in the amazing blessings that God gave us through His Son Jesus, according to His Word.

It is Daleen’s desire that all children of God will live a life rooted and grounded in the love of God, and that believers will live lives overflowing with God’s divine power through faith in the grace of God. Daleen believes that it is by knowing our identity in Christ that we will live the life in abundance that Jesus died to give us.