Woman You Are A Threat To Satan

by Victor Zulu

About The Book

As a blessed woman I am honoured to have read this book and applaud the writer Pastor Victor for reminding women that there is more to them than hips and Fine perfume. This book is a must read to every woman who has ever felt unworthy or belittled and left scarred, wounded and bruised.

Estelle Badenhorst Green

Rebirth Christian Centre, Danville, Mafikeng, South Africa


Why did Satan target a woman in the Garden of Eden? Why so much woman abuse? What is in a woman Satan fears the most?

Unanimous Lady

About The Author

Author: Victor Zulu

Pastor Victor is a preacher and teacher of the word of God. He is married to Limakatso. In this book he reveals the reason behind all forms of attacks women have suffered: abuse, rated as second-hand citizens; in some institutions they do not even have a choice or voice of their own but to be followers only.

By exposing the force behind these attacks, Pastor Victor takes the challenge to build in a woman the understanding that if she will know why God appointed her to be a woman, there will be no force or power of any sort which will put her down any more.

This book shows you how powerful and influential you can be as a woman; it also shows you how much Satan is scared of you. All the notes in here are to inspire you to do more study of the authority you have in Christ.